Very Important Pet Grooming Salon Policies & Procedure's:

All Pet's entering the salon Must be leashed, or in a carrier.

Walk-in service's include Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Anal gland expression's. It is always best to Make your Appointment in advance.

We don't Require Vaccination record's, But Pet's must be up to date. If your pet were to bite, animal control would be notified and they may quarantine your pet, if they are not up to date on vaccination's.

We work hard to provide a Calm, Stress free setting for our fur client's and if your pet becomes aggressive, stressed, or a noise nuisance, you will be called immediately for pick up and may be charged up to full price + a Handling Fee of $10.

We Do Not do Pet's on any type of Veterinarian Prescribed Sedative's (Acepromazine, Trazodone, Gabapentin etc) if we suspect your pet is on something we may call for pick up immediately and may be charged full price of the Groom. Natural Calming Remedies, CBD or Benadryl (1 mg per pound of body weight) are Okay to give prior to your pet's grooming appointment.

Haircut's Typically take 2-3 hour's for small dog's, 3-4 hour's for medium dog's and 4-5+ hour's for large/x-large dog's. Please allow us the time to complete the grooming session that we need and do not call/return asking if your pet is finished before we call you. The pet's don't like to be rushed, nor do the groomer's. 

Express Grooming is available for an extra fee. Express appointment's are scheduled after 3pm and pet is worked on straight through!

Price's given over the phone or sight un-seen are a base price. Actual Price may be different based on Pet's breed, weight, temperament, coat condition, and haircut.

Only a 15 minute grace period will be given for arriving late, after 15 minute's you must reschedule.

You Must Call 24 hour's prior to cancel, Late cancelation may result in a $10 fee.

After 3 Offense's of Late Cancelation or Arriving late, we will require Pre-payment!

Pet's who are called for Pick up by 3 pm MUST be picked up by 4 pm, unless scheduled otherwise.

there will be a $10 Late Pick up Charge per pet for every hour after 4 pm. 


Pet's who come in with flea's will Automatically receive a Flea bath at Owner's expense of $5-$10 depending on pet's size. Tick's will Automatically be Hand Plucked at Owner's expense of $1 per Tick.

You Must walk your pet to Potty before you bring them for grooming. mulitiple elimination's in the salon may result in a Hazard clean up fee of $5 for every elimination after 3. If your pet eliminate's on them self and we need to re-wash, it may result in a $10 fee.

Pet's with Lightly Matted Fur/Hair will Automatically be charged a De-Matt fee of $5-$10. (lightly matted mean's a few matt's on ears and tail, NOT WHOLE BODY) Pet's with Severely Matted Fur/Hair will be automatically Shaved as short as needed, to not cause any Discomfort to the pet, and will be charged a Fee of $20-$100.

Ear Hair is Plucked unless requested otherwise, if there is an ear infection present, hair will not be plucked.

All Anal gland's are checked, and only expressed externally if needed. We do not guarantee to fix or cure any anal gland issue, if there is an issue after expression, we will no longer express and will refer you to a veterinarian for future anal gland expression's.

We Do Not Accept Check's.

As Our Salon Rent, Business Insurance, Utilities, equiptment, & Supplies, etc, all Increases Annually, So does our Price's!

If you have an Issue with your haircut, please let us know with in 72 hour's of the grooming appointment. after that we may not be able to resolve the issue with out charging to re-groom.

Check-in on the reward screen on the counter. On the 12th check-in, you will receive 50% off 1 Grooming Package! It is up to you to check-in, we will NOT back reward. Turn in stamp card's today to receive 5% off each paw!

We are not responsible for lost or damaged collar's,Leashes or pet's personal items.

Retail Policies:

Return's are accepted up to 30 day's from purchase for store credit only. Must have original tag/packaging intact and be in unused condition. There are No Return's on Treat's, Gourmet Cookie's or toy's.

Very Important Pet grooming Salon reserves the right, to refuse service to any one at our own discretion.

VIP Grooming Salon & Boutique has extensive safety and sanitary precautions to ensure your pets safety and health.Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one, if in the event of an emergency or if medical treatment is needed, in the Best interest of your pet, we will obtain immediate Veterinary care at the Owner's expense.. you (the client) agree to relieve VIP Grooming Salon & Boutique from any and all liabilities, and/or costs associated with any veterinary care, symptoms or discomfort of your pet related to Grooming!

Thank You for your Support!